The Sunshine Factory - Vintage Revolution

Release date: 13 January 2014


The Sunshine Factory - Vintage Revolution - BFW recordings netlabel

Total running time: 52:51

The second release on BFW recordings from The Sunshine Factory is a fantastic shoegaze pop album.

There are big beats, lush vocals and full on wall of sound guitars.


  1. Hey Spaceman
  2. Blue Sky
  3. Daisies
  4. Stealing Kisses
  5. Surrounded By The Sound
  6. Roving Eye
  7. Instrumental
  8. My Love
  9. Pheena And The Truth About Whales
  10. I'm Believeing In Love Again
  11. Skin As Smooth As Porcelain [watch the video]

The Sunshine Factory

is a collaborative effort between a mystery lyricist and composer/performer Ian Taylor.

Ian is the musical force behind the shoegaze influenced, guitar drenched melodies accented and supported by samples honey sweet tone driven vocals and old school dance beats.

The band hales from the heart of Dixie, where the bluesiest blues were born. The real mystery is not why but how this music came from this place.