The Chain volume one

Release date: 24 September 2012


The Chain volume one BFW recordings netlabel

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We are still looking for musicians and artists to take part in this ongoing project.

Total running time: 57:28

Yes! We are happy to announce that The Chain volume one is out now!

The Chain is a continuing collection of songs following on from one another.

A name was chosen at random from the list of musicians who wanted the take part. That musician (Spooky Child) had three weeks to write and record a completely new song.
The first song submitted was be passed along to the second musician who had three weeks to create a second song inspired by or using parts of the first song.
The second song was passed along to the third musician who created a third song inspired by or using parts of the second song.

And so on...

The only people to hear each song will be the person who creates it, the next person in the chain and 'the team' here at BFW recordings. To that end, we only publish a finished song once three more songs are complete - hence, now that 13 songs are finally complete, we are releasing the first 10 as The Chain volume 1.

The Chain is an ongoing project and we are still looking for musicians who can and want to take part. If you want to take part or have any questions, send us a message at Please mark your email 'The Chain' so we know you want to be involved.

We will post regular updates on this page.

UPDATE: Song 24 is now complete - 6 November 2013
Songs 11-20 will be released as The Chain volume 2 in December. More info soon.


  1. Spooky Child - Oxygen Tank (completed 21 February 2011)
  2. Bing Satellites - You And Me Up To No Good In And About London (completed 26 February 2011)
  3. Vigestol - I Would Meet You Now (completed 16 March 2011)
  4. SineRider - One Hour Away (completed 18 March 2011 )
  5. Piotro - Spectral (soft mix) (completed 24 April 2011 )
  6. Closer Contact - Gentle Matters (completed 26 May 2011 )
  7. Chris Fordham - Brise (completed 17 June 2011)
  8. Karen Vogt - Enthrall (completed 9 July 2011)
  9. litmus0001 - Situation Analysis (completed 12 August 2011 )
  10. Dmyra - Subjunctive Couplet (completed 15 December 2011)