SineRider - Like A Ray Of Light

Release date: 13 September 2010


SineRider - Like A Ray Of Light - BFW recordings netlabel

Total running time: 1:05:47

For his latest release on BFW recordings, SineRider delivers an ambient masterpiece.

The shoegaze element is still there, but this is an album expansive psychedelic ambience.


  1. Shortwaves
  2. Everything (But The Kitchen Sink)
  3. Like A Ray Of Light
  4. EC2
  5. I Wish We Could
  6. Odd
  7. Blue and Orange Around White Objects
  8. Suburban Dream-like
  9. Hey, Can I Intervene
  10. Dusk
  11. Excessive Verbs
  12. Fripp
  13. Ode To Bunny
  14. Acoustics
  15. Desistance
  16. Organic Matter


is a young artist from Massachusetts, made up of Devin Powers. He started composing music when he was 13 and jumped around from genre and style until finding a liking in electronic and ambient music. There are many songs around the internet and two free self-releases, ranging from many types of music, under the SineRider moniker.