Poodleplay Arkestra - Hector's Metamorphosis

Release date: 5 May 2011


Poodleplay Arkestra - Hector's Metamorphosis BFW recordings netlabel

Total running time: 16:13

A new release from Poodleplay Arkestra is something we always look forward to and this is no exception.

'Hector's Metamorphosis' is an extraordinary collection of six songs. Peaceful, beautiful and whimsical, Poodleplay Arkestra manages to pack so much into 16 minutes.

Tell your friends - there is a new Poodleplay Arkestra EP!


  1. Psychogenic Fugue
  2. Hector's Metamorphosis
  3. Santa's New Civilian Clothes
  4. Canaveral Flamingos
  5. Paleochora Cafe
  6. At My Neighbour's Place

Poodleplay Arkestra

Poodleplay Arkestra creates warm experimental music influenced by Jon Hassell and Brian Eno but with a unique flavour.