Poodleplay Arkestra - Developments In Calligraphy

Release date: 26 August 2013


Poodleplay Arkestra - Developments In Calligraphy BFW recordings netlabel

Total running time: 14:34

The sublime new EP from Manchester's Poodleplay Arkestra.

Once again, so much beauty if crammed into such a short space of time.

Although Poodleplay Arkestra draws influence from a wide range of music, the sound is completely original and unique.

I know many people will be looking forward to this EP and they will not be disappointed. Just wonderful!.


  1. An Array Of Astral Hula-Hoopers
  2. Ochre Landscape
  3. Charcoal Sunflowers
  4. Developments In Calligraphy
  5. The Laughing Pigeons Of Venice

Poodleplay Arkestra

Poodleplay Arkestra creates warm experimental music influenced by Jon Hassell and Brian Eno but with a unique flavour.