Paper-clip Mammal - Trust Yourself

Release date: 23 April 2012


Paper-clip Mammal - Trust Yourself BFW recordings netlabel

Total running time: 11:46

Paper-clip Mammal is a collaboration between Anthing and Chris Fordham.

Chris supplies the lyrics and vocals while Anthing supplies the music.

We hope to have more from these two in the near future.


  1. Trust Yourself (original)
  2. Trust Yourself (tapping mix)
  3. Trust Yourself (piano mix)


is Sami Eronen from Viinijärvi, Finland who has been making more or less odd electronic music since '91.

Chris Fordham

Chris Fordham is a English musician whose songs are beautiful and melancholic.

As The Silent Committee, he performs a varied collection of original, experimental music featuring electronic and acoustic instruments. The recording quality of these songs vary depending on the recording device used... ranging from a battered dictaphone micro-cassette to fully digital studio quality. These songs are written with the sole intention of enjoyment by the composer and anyone else with an open mind.

Chris also makes music under as The Silent Committee.