MagicVan - Returno

Release date: 27 June 2011


MagicVan - Returno - BFW recordings netlabel

Total running time: 21:50

MagicVan returns to BFW with another highly original and entertaining collection of recordings.

How to describe this? Well, I have described MagicVan as BFW's Captain Beefheart - a description he has not taken offence too (yet!), so I'm sticking to it.

All I suggest is that you download, listen and make up your own mind.

There is much more to come from MagicVan over the next few months.


  1. Returno
  2. Lutetia Parisiorum
  3. Your Burning Pain
  4. Painting At The Weekend
  5. Ground Zero Labrynth
  6. Professor Brian Oblivion
  7. Phoenix


is the music of visual artist Taren McCallan-Moore (to see his art, click the link to his blog below).

To describe his music is just about an impossible task as you just don't know what you are going to hear next - sound collages, distorted electronics or pretty much deranged ramblings - but this music is just about the most entertaining thing you'll find on BFW recordings.

That is, of course, just my opinion. Listen and make up your own mind!