Ketsa - Time's Eye Transitions - 10 years of Ketsa

Release date: 14 June 2010


Ketsa - Time's Eye Transitions - 10 years of Ketsa BFW recordings netlabel

Total running time: 44:51

A celebration of ten years of wonderful music from one of London's most original producers. 'Time's Eye Transitions' is another experimental ambient masterpiece with glitchy and world micropbeats that are uniquely Ketsa. The album features a track from every year of the last decade, showcasing this brilliant and unique talent.


  1. Sorrow 2001
  2. Teardrops (original) 2002
  3. Spirit Fly 2003
  4. Tique 2004
  5. Rain 2005
  6. Blackcat 2006
  7. Bones 2007
  8. Watched 2008
  9. Fullnes 2009
  10. Geat 2010
  11. Feels So Good outro


is one quarter of Soapsud City, west London's latest electronica label. His first label was Hydrophonic recordings, a well received banging techno label back in 2003. Then he was known as Shaolin. After four releases on his own imprint and three on Primate Recordings, Shaolin grew disillusioned by the scene and went back to the studio.

He returns as Ketsa, bringing originality and emotion back into electronica and downtempo music - layered ambiences blend with clattering beats, live instruments and percussion.

Having completed three albums already, Thoughts, End Daze, and the Remixes and Reedits sessions, Ketsa has also appeared on Stuttgart based Mutan Records.