Daniel Land - My Sad Captains

Release date: 13 August 2012


Daniel Land - My Sad Captains BFW recordings netlabel

Total running time: 47:34

The new album of quiet piano music by Daniel Land, also known as the singer and songwriter of Manchester shoegazers Daniel Land and The Modern Painters.

He also create atmospheric ambient music under the name riverrun.

Daniel plays bass, along side Mark Peters and Ulrich Schnauss in Engineers and plays guitar in The Steals.

My Sad Captains is Daniel's first album of piano music, written between 1997 and 2012, and recorded over an 8 year period with help from Bing Satellites, Ian McGinn, and others.


Falling In

  1. All Saints' Day
  2. Last August (for Jared's memory)
  3. Boy In White Converse (Thom Jopling's)
  4. This Room Has Mystery Like a Trance
  5. Bennyjack
  6. My Friend & I

Separate Rooms

  1. Pomes Penyeach
  2. Love The Swimmer, Hate The Swim
  3. When You Were a Boy You Were a Beautiful Boy

Dancer from The Dance

  1. A Walk By The Sea With Boo (In Memory)
  2. Jack The Lad
  3. Nightswimmer (after Joseph Olshan)
  4. He Was The More Beautiful
  5. Some Enchanted Evening (for Kye Harrison)

Daniel Land

Daniel Land is currently working on his new solo album. Formerly the front man and chief songwriter of the shoegaze inspired band Daniel Land & The Modern Painters, Daniel has played guitar in The Steals and plays bass in dream pop supergroup Engineers alongside Mark Peters and Ulrich Schnauss.

Under his own name, he has released quiet piano music on BFW and on CD.

Daniel also creates dark, atmospheric ambient music uncer the name riverrun.