Cousin Silas - The Snow Imposed Silence

Release date: 22 February 2010


Cousin Silas - The Snow Imposed Silence - BFW recordings netlabel

Total running time: 1:12:39

Beautiful and chilled. 'The Snow Imposed Silence' is the wonderful new album from Cousin Silas.

This is a lush, drifting ambient album. Think of Namlook or Tangerine Dream and you are somewhere close, though this album has a unique flavour.


  1. Barrow Hill
  2. Crystalised Steel
  3. Echoes From Satellite 1033883
  4. Festive
  5. Cloudberry Hill
  6. Newscape 5
  7. 30 Years
  8. Dereliction
  9. Black Reflection
  10. A Ring Of Trees
  11. Abandonned Shipping Lanes
  12. Driftwood Polished By The Ocean
  13. Toad Song
  14. Friars Ridge
  15. The Snow Imposed Silence
  16. Nevada Snow

Cousin Silas

Yorkshire's finest!

A prolific creator of a wide range of music - all shades of ambient and electronic with hints of dub thrown in.

Cousin Silas has released many albums on many netlabels including his Dronescape series (released by the rather wonderful netlabel We Are All Ghosts) and an ever-growing collection of collaborations released as Silas & Friends.