Cousin Silas - Prisoner Of The Coral Deep

Release date: 27 January 2014


Cousin Silas - Prisoner Of The Coral Deep2 - BFW recordings netlabel

Cover art by Thomas Mathie

Total running time: 1:13:39

Ambient music legend, guitar collector, Yorkshireman with hat - Cousin Silas returns to BFW with a wonderful album. Many shades of ambient can be found here, from dark to light, plus occasional beats, electronics, lots of guitars and mysterious voice samples.

One of the most prolific musicians out there, Cousin Silas has been very busy since his last full album on BFW. Check out a few on the rather wonderful netlabel We Are All Ghosts.


  1. Strange Dreams
  2. Aria with screwdriver
  3. Gently Running
  4. Pitt Hill
  5. A New Earth
  6. The Blue Room
  7. Neuronic Past
  8. Drone 25 With Added Guitar
  9. In Absentis
  10. An Act Of Kindness
  11. Upon Moonlit Oceans
  12. Prisoner Of The Coral Deep

Cousin Silas

Yorkshire's finest!

A prolific creator of a wide range of music - all shades of ambient and electronic with hints of dub thrown in.

Cousin Silas has released many albums on many netlabels including his Dronescape series (released by the rather wonderful netlabel We Are All Ghosts) and an ever-growing collection of collaborations released as Silas & Friends.