Closer Contact + Meteer - Geography 1 + 2 Live Sessions

Release date: 24 October 2011

BFW 155

Closer Contact + Meteer - Geography 1 + 2 Live Sessions BFW recordings netlabel

Total running time: 45:40

Recorded live at PomPom Festival, Norrkoping, Sweden, July 2011.

Thanks to Mattias Engstrom for additional live recording and to Lena Larsson for the photography.

Closer Contact and Meteer have taken their Geography project to a live setting.

The result is an album of sparse beauty, of layered ambience and glitchy electronics.


  1. Geography 1 + 2 Live Session

Closer Contact

is Magnus Larsson. He lives in Linköping, Sweden with his family and has been making electronic music since the late 90s.

So far, he has released a couple of records, done some remixing, some motion picture music and played a couple of live shows. He is also part of a music collective called 'Dogma Nouveau'.


is Björn Asserhed from Sweden

He has been making electronic music for many years and is part of the Linköping based music collective 'Dogma Noveau' and has done a couple of net releases, collaborative projects, some remixes and live performances the last years.

Meteer is attracted to textured soundscapes, minimalism and evolving rhythms.