The BFW Christmas Album 2010

Release date: 15 December 2010

The BFW Christmas Album 2010 - BFW recordings netlabel

Total running time: 51:34+

A while back, we invited BFW artists and our friends to submit songs for a BFW Christmas Album.

We left the scope for these contributions quite wide - you could write a song with a Christmas or Winter feel, or maybe a song for your love ones, or even get out the sleigh bells and croon like Nat King Cole! It just had to be an original song - we aren't doing an album of ambient Christmas carols!

What we got has astounded us. So we present to you The BFW Christmas Album 2010, a collection of 12 songs with the usual BFW flavour - from ambient to shoegaze to electronic to downright bonkers!

Please share this album with your family and friends.

Merry Christmas!

MUSIC: (click on a song title to go to that artist's website)

  1. Oneiro - Christmas Time Is Here
  2. Meteer - Hearken! (Outside Bethlehem)
  3. Rogue Spore - Yuletide Gadget Overload
  4. Poodleplay Arkestra - Christmas Morning 1979
  5. Hadrocodium wui - Here Again
  6. Cousin Silas - December On The Dunes
  7. Bing Satellites - Before Dawn
  8. SineRider - Vetur
  9. Eko_fisk - Merseyway 241270
  10. Anthing - Talvilaulu
  11. The Silent Committee - Snowfall [watch the video]
  12. Mr. Ghost - The Contortionist's Christmas