Bing Satellites - Time

Release date: 4 April 2011


Bing Satellites - Time - BFW recordings netlabel

Total running time: 54:58

Bing Satellites returns with the fourth release in as many months.

'Time' is an ambient album but it is emotive and psycheldelic, touched by Bing's love of shoegaze and experimental music. The sounds on this album come from a wide variety of sources - synths, laptop, guitar, clapped out old keyboards and objects lying around Bing's studio in Manchester.


  1. Backwards and Forwards
  2. The Bay
  3. I Heard Something In The Distance
  4. Time

Bing Satellites

is a prolific ambient shoegaze musician and producer from Manchester, UK and founder of BFW recordings.

Bing has released many EPs and albums on BFW recordings, Free Floating Music and Treetrunk Records including collaborations with Daniel Land, OnSpiderPark, Tange, as well as All The Lost Souls (a collaboration between himself, Getzel and piper_ben) and an ever-growing collection of live, improvised ambient music entitled Twilight Sessions.

Bing Satellites also makes music under the names the lovely moon, the ambient visitor and Blocker.