Bing Satellites - Slow Motion

Release date: 4 August 2009


Bing Satellites Slow Motion - remix album BFW recordings netlabel

Total running time: 54:16

A collection of Bing Satellites remixes of tracks from a diverse range of musicians - Tally Koren, Alex Gloworld, Leni Ward, OnSpiderPark, Dibaba and Kurosawa. Plus remixed versions of three tracks from Bing's 'Forever' EP.

Dibaba - 'The Truth Blending Consortium (Bing Satellites vocal remix) contains beats by OnSpiderPark.


  1. Kurosawa - This Won't Take Long (Bing Satellites vocal remix)
  2. Tally Koren - The Beauty Of The Duty (Bing Satellites remix)
  3. Alex Gloworld - Chocolicious (Bing Satellites dubolicious remix)
  4. Bing Satellites - Forever (Slow Motion mix)
  5. Bing Satellites - Never Forgotten (Slow Motion mix)
  6. OnSpiderPark - Sripp (Bing Satellites remix #1)
  7. Dibaba - The Truth Blending Consortium (Bing Satellites vocal remix)
  8. Leni Ward - Not Up To It (Bing Satellites remix)
  9. Bing Satellites - She Is Dreaming (Dub mix)

Bing Satellites

is a prolific ambient shoegaze musician and producer from Manchester, UK and founder of BFW recordings.

Bing has released many EPs and albums on BFW recordings, Free Floating Music and Treetrunk Records including collaborations with Daniel Land, OnSpiderPark, Tange, as well as All The Lost Souls (a collaboration between himself, Getzel and piper_ben) and an ever-growing collection of live, improvised ambient music entitled Twilight Sessions.

Bing Satellites also makes music under the names the lovely moon, the ambient visitor and Blocker.