Bing Satellites - More

Release date: 31 May 2014


Bing Satellites - More - BFW recordings netlabel

Watch the video for Tonight I Am The Sun / More
featuring Robert Matejko aka Robby Baby Dark Poet of Amour.

Watch the video for Understanding

Total running time: 5:14:27

An epic album of brooding ambient music from Bing Satellites available on a 4 CD pack and download.

More is an album of music inspired by Manchester, my home town.
The city is hectic and noisy and full of every kind of person from around the world. And I live very close to the centre. While it is constantly busy here, I can escape into my light and airy little studio.

This album is a product of this great city and that is reflected in the sound - it is drifting and ambient but also gritty and pretty loud in places.

There is a reinterpretation of my song Where I Stand (from Nothing For Miles) plus a poem from Robert Matejko aka Robby Baby Dark Poet of Amour (recorded by Karl Hamilton) inspired by my music and a vivid dream Robby once had about The Sun.


  1. Part 1
    • Whispers • Klangfest • Old guitar • Listening • Another Room
  2. Part 2
    • Old piano • Big High • Deep Blue I • Deep Blue II • Tonight I am the Sun • More • The Mancunian Way • Drifting
  3. Part 3
    • The Bells of St. Augustine • Understanding I • Understanding II • Understanding III • Understanding IV • Beyond • The Message • Mount Pleasant
  4. Part 4
    • Baked • South • Lost • Another Place • Ever-changing • Quiet Ending

Bing Satellites

is a prolific ambient shoegaze musician and producer from Manchester, UK and founder of BFW recordings.

Bing has released many EPs and albums on BFW recordings, Free Floating Music and Treetrunk Records including collaborations with Daniel Land, OnSpiderPark, Tange, as well as All The Lost Souls (a collaboration between himself, Getzel and piper_ben) and an ever-growing collection of live, improvised ambient music entitled Twilight Sessions.

Bing Satellites also makes music under the names the lovely moon, the ambient visitor and Blocker.