Black Sign on Coloured Background

Release date: 10 September 2012


Black Sign on Coloured Background BFW recordings netlabel

Total running time: 1:16:33

Here is something quite special.

After their recent success playing the first ever BFW live online concert, four of the members of Swedish electronic music collective Dogma Noveau have collaborated on this unique and brilliant album.

Each artist presents an original song which is then remixed by other three artists, producing a sixteen track album of glitchy, minimal ambient electronica.

This really is a wonderful album. We hope they do this again some time soon.


  1. Exterm - Ign
  2. Exterm - Ign (Integer Ring remix)
  3. Exterm - Ign (Closer Contact remix)
  4. Exterm - Ign (Meteer remix)
  5. Integer Ring - Litchi
  6. Integer Ring - Litchi (Exterm remix)
  7. Integer Ring - Litchi (Closer Contact remix)
  8. Integer Ring - Litchi (Meteer remix)
  9. Closer Contact - Zarazhenie
  10. Closer Contact - Zarazhenie (Exterm remix)
  11. Closer Contact - Zarazhenie (Integer Ring remix)
  12. Closer Contact - Zarazhenie (Meteer remix)
  13. Meteer - Paranormal Temperature Gay
  14. Meteer - Paranormal Temperature Gay (Exterm remix)
  15. Meteer - Paranormal Temperature Gay (Integer Ring remix)
  16. Meteer - Paranormal Temperature Gay (Closer Contact remix)

Black Sign on Coloured Background

BSCB is a colloborative concept, a remixive co-release by Meteer, Exterm, Closer Contact and Integer Ring.

Description: Four artists remixing each other, resulting in sixteen electronic music creations.

Each artist created one original composition and then shared it with the others. They in turn did a remix of all the original tracks in order to add their own unique flavour. The results are four original tracks, each remixed three times.

The graphics for each track represents both the artist and the remixer - the sign represents the artist and the colour represents the remixer.