Ade Hodges - Covert Symbols

Release date: 10 February 2014


Ade Hodges - Covert Symbols - BFW recordings netlabel

Total running time: 1:17:02

An album of dark ambient atmospheres from the now prolific ambient musician Ade Hodges.

Many of you will know Ade for his wonderful abstract paintings (see link below). He has somehow managed to transfer those skills into making similarly abstract music with an already large collection of albums.


  1. conduit wormhole
  2. numerous portals, fluctuating and reversible
  3. onychogryphosis
  4. organ of morgagni
  5. osteogensis imperfecta
  6. pemphigoid bullous
  7. space time mantra
  8. strings of coloured lights
  9. the covert symbols of chance encounters
  10. the hissing of serpents in san pedro
  11. there was a battered tape recorder
  12. to forge future footpaths
  13. under observation

Ade Hodges

is a creator of dark abstract ambient soundscapes.

Known for his wonderful abstract paintings which have adourned many album covers, and for being an active supporter of many ambient musicians, Ade Hodges started creating music after a meeting with Cousin Silas.

Since then, Ade has become quite prolific, creating lots of dark, mysterious ambient music.