BFW artists


Electronic music producer based in Berlin.

Ade Hodges

is a creator of dark abstract ambient soundscapes.

Known for his wonderful abstract paintings which have adourned many album covers, and for being an active supporter of many ambient musicians, Ade Hodges started creating music after a meeting with Cousin Silas.

Since then, Ade has become quite prolific, creating lots of dark, mysterious ambient music.


Who is AFFEN?

AFFEN stands for Anatomy For Fabulous Emergency Noise, which members are:
• Hariz Lutfi Asa (acoustic guitar + lead vocal) - A host of the regular event Beatles’ Night in one of Bandung musicians' favorite meeting point on Jl. Ambon.
• Babam Bramaditia (electric guitar + vocal) - Widely known to be one of Bandung's electronic musicians, a guitarist of Local Drug Store and an additional player of Mobil Derek.
• Elmo Rinaldy (electric guitar + vocal) - He tries to explore new things with AFFEN after being an additional player for Kuburan for a long period of time.
• Mochammad Ifsan (bass) - A bassist of Supersonic who is now experimenting through AFFEN.
• Hari Nurdin (drum) - Formerly taking parts on some bands that plays in his university, this timid guy is now giving a try to open his wings wider by joining with AFFEN.

What is AFFEN?

Try to put "AFFEN" as a keyword on Google and you'll only find articles about primates. But this AFFEN is far from that, this is Anatomy For Fabulous Emergency Noise. Just reading the name, we can say that this band intends to trigger jaw-dropping noises.

Started by the passion for music of Hariz, Elmo and Babam, continued by Ifsan and Hari joining the team, thereby AFFEN was formed on June 2011, as their experimenting media. The diversity of the member's music background is expected to enrich their works by tossing anything they find in their heads into AFFEN.

Talking about genre, these guys just can't make it to choose one. They experiment, they make noises, they may rock today and make tomorrow jazzy. But still, AFFEN has their own particular style that will refuse to leave people's head.

AFFEN captures daily phenomenon that people forget to pay attention to, such as child abuse, suicide, or social conflicts that people underestimate but actually have broad impacts. Through their lyrics, AFFEN defines these phenomenons from their own point of view.

Aguas tónicas

Integrated by Mariano Conti [guitar and vocals], Jorge Capriotti [Guitars], Santo Martinez [drums], Esteban Manino [bass], Mauro Cuffaro [synth and guitar] Tonic Water was formed in 2004, and in 2006 released their first album AguasTónicas [2006]. There compositions embodied powerful left stinging guitars that bring strong memories of 70s Argentina's bands like Manal and Pescado Rabioso. In 2008, 'Canal de Amor y Confusión' and in 2009 a live album recorded during the presentation of 'Canal de amor...' at the Festival de Jazz de Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina, which later becomes Transmisión Amor Confusión.


All The Lost Souls

is a collboration between piper_ben (Germany), Getzel (Mexico) and Bing Satellites (UK).

All three release music separately and run netlabels - Withering Trees, Myrdal and, of course, BFW recordings.

The music is a mix of lush ambient landscapes, piano and glitchy electronics.


is the stage name of László Néder from Hungary.

He has been playing the guitar for 20 years and is a member of a rockband, but he started to making electric music first time just for the living room.

In 2008 he began to make live acts and debut in clubs of Budapest, and in 2010 on biggest festival of Hungary (Sziget Fesztivál, Cöxpón Ambient sátor).

His style is a mix of ambient, experimental, drone and electronic music. He lives in the countryside and inspirded by the nature. Nowadays, he compose music for short document films and industrial videos as well.

Ancient Lasers

is Daniel Finfer, produced by Daniel Anderson


is Sami Eronen from Viinijärvi, Finland who has been making more or less odd electronic music since '91.

Bing Satellites

is a prolific ambient shoegaze musician and producer from Manchester, UK and founder of BFW recordings.

Bing has released many EPs and albums on BFW recordings, Free Floating Music and Treetrunk Records including collaborations with Daniel Land, OnSpiderPark, Tange, as well as All The Lost Souls (a collaboration between himself, Getzel and piper_ben) and an ever-growing collection of live, improvised ambient music entitled Twilight Sessions.

Bing Satellites also makes music under the names the lovely moon, the ambient visitor and Blocker.

Black Sign on Coloured Background

BSCB is a colloborative concept, a remixive co-release by Meteer, Exterm, Closer Contact and Integer Ring.

Description: Four artists remixing each other, resulting in sixteen electronic music creations.

Each artist created one original composition and then shared it with the others. They in turn did a remix of all the original tracks in order to add their own unique flavour. The results are four original tracks, each remixed three times.

The graphics for each track represents both the artist and the remixer - the sign represents the artist and the colour represents the remixer.



Valdislav Buben is the founder of a number of genres in electronic music in Belarus and the cultic musician who influenced several generations on the Belarusian electronic stage. Vladislav created several radio projects and a TV show for Belarusian MTV about alternative electronic music (“Did you call for electricians?”, 2007-2008).

Now he is the main coordinator for the festivals Unsound-Belarus and InTouch as well as concerts and events producer. Buben creates musical projects in different styles (techno, house, break beat, break core, ambient, experimental and industrial). Vladislav recorded collaborative projects with a number of alternative artists from Germany, the U.K, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Lithuania etc. Buben’s music has been released on 58 labels around the world. Now he has created his own label – Big Buben Studio – dedicated to release Buben’s pieces. Vladislav performed in Germany, Holland, Sweden, Belgium, Poland, Russia, Hungary and Austria.

Burnt Emeralds

is a collaboration between Emerald Adrift and Burning Artist/Killer Haven.

Carl Sagan's Ghost

is Daniel J. Davis, a prolific and wonderful musician from Seattle.


Chris Fordham

Chris Fordham is a English musician whose songs are beautiful and melancholic.

As The Silent Committee, he performs a varied collection of original, experimental music featuring electronic and acoustic instruments. The recording quality of these songs vary depending on the recording device used... ranging from a battered dictaphone micro-cassette to fully digital studio quality. These songs are written with the sole intention of enjoyment by the composer and anyone else with an open mind.

Chris also makes music under as The Silent Committee.

Chris Pettit

Closer Contact

is Magnus Larsson. He lives in Linköping, Sweden with his family and has been making electronic music since the late 90s.

So far, he has released a couple of records, done some remixing, some motion picture music and played a couple of live shows. He is also part of a music collective called 'Dogma Nouveau'.

Cluster One

Cousin Silas

Yorkshire's finest!

A prolific creator of a wide range of music - all shades of ambient and electronic with hints of dub thrown in.

Cousin Silas has released many albums on many netlabels including his Dronescape series (released by the rather wonderful netlabel We Are All Ghosts) and an ever-growing collection of collaborations released as Silas & Friends.

Daniel Land

Daniel Land is currently working on his new solo album. Formerly the front man and chief songwriter of the shoegaze inspired band Daniel Land & The Modern Painters, Daniel has played guitar in The Steals and plays bass in dream pop supergroup Engineers alongside Mark Peters and Ulrich Schnauss.

Under his own name, he has released quiet piano music on BFW and on CD.

Daniel also creates dark, atmospheric ambient music uncer the name riverrun.


"Prolific, proficient, innovative, introspective, timeless, cinematic."
These are some of the words that have been used to describe the music of dep, the recording name of producer/one-man-band Danny Peck.

His compositions are 'a blend of techniques involving digital/analogue sounds, field recordings, circuit bending and basic sequencing all wrapped up in to melodic explorations in electronica,' but the compelling beauty of his work shares as much, aesthetically, with harpsichords and violins as with synthesizers and other analog gadgetry.

He started releasing albums from his bedroom in 2006, and continues to do so today. So far, a total of 11 releases are available at, with more emerging every few months.

Deprivation Chamber


is a band from Russian city Omsk (Southwest Siberia). They have existed since 2008 year and play different experimental stuff from droning noisy soundscapes to instrumental shoegazing.


is Robert Demes II, a creator of fine music that is a unique mix of acoustic and electronics.



Elypixa is a self-taught composer of electronic music, he has very distant English origins...

He lives in France and has been composing since 2000. He does not know music theory, he knows very little in music itself!

His favorite sentence is :
Any wrong note played is an awkward false note. Any wrong note played with conviction is a ... Improvisation.

Since he started in music, he keeps discovering new things, experimenting - he breaks down the sounds, disequations. For him, there is not barrier sound in his music, a sense memory, at the same level as tastes, smells. He does not seek to target a category of person with his music, he does not want to store in boxes.


is the music of Goran Pejović, a producer from Montenegro.

His music contains elements of IDM and DnB but is more chilled.


False Awakening

is Julian.

Inspired by many bands like Godspeed You Black Emperor, Mono, This Will Destroy You or Hammock, the pieces and arrangements floats between ambient, dynamic post-rock and experimental music.


is Donny Jankowski, a Milwaukee-based producer and musician.

First influenced by psychedelic and blues guitar, Donny cut his early instrumentals on an old two-track cassette recorder he found in his parents' basement.

Progressing as a musician, it wasn't long before he began migrating towards electronic music production. Pulling influences from lo-fi, IDM, dub, and psychedelia, Ghostkid currently loves balancing an organic and melodic feel over a crunchy, beat-heavy backdrop and spacious atmosphere.

Ghostkid albums never sound completely alike, but multi-layered sound and a bit of sci-fi always hold his style together.

(Spooky Child is just one of many side projects).

Ghouls 'N Eggs

Electronic brain noise from Brazil.

Graham Marlowe

is a 26-year-old writer, musician, and composer. He currently resides in Madison, WI, doing some noble nonprofit work as he continues his artistic journey forward. He has published poetry, done film scores, played in a slew of rock & jazz bands, and will continue to create in a variety of genres. His work can be streamed or downloaded from bandcamp and bfw recordings, viewed on YouTube, or purchased through Graham directly.

Hadrocodium Wui

Hickey Mouse



In their own words -

A Russian rock band originally formed in September 2011.

Finding their own sound, Hospital is really eclectic now: their music is a mixed genre in such areas as classical brit-pop, shoegaze, power-pop and even post-punk.

In spite of that three out of four band members are from small far-east town Komsomolsk-on-Amure, the band now settled in Moscow.

The band started rehearsing their concert program since the end of 2011. In addition, their 1st single Time Will Tell came out in 2012.

i AM esper

Guitar based Drone ambient with subtle hints of Post-rock, Doom metal, Shoegaze, Black Metal & Noise.

I am the Devil

is the spiritual, introspective, musical, project of Clayton Mistler..

Janes scenic drive

is a side project of ambient musician Phillip Wilkerson.



Kaveh Kanes

Long long time ago our ancestor from one of the Middle East countries called Yemen, they didn’t have any idea on how to make modern music. Til the day, they crossed the sea and finally found the paradise country called “Indonesia”, they stayed there still and had a lot more generations. Today, we, their lineages, meet and share the same sense of music, taste and joke, we decided to make that modern music which didn’t exist in those days. We called ourselves Kaveh Kanes.

Kaveh Kanes is a lo-fi pop band from Yogyakarta, Indonesia, which formed by the end of 2011. Kaveh Kanes consists of four person, so far we’ve already recorded two songs named, ‘Rose Garden and Modern Times’. We’re looking forward to making some new songs to bring a bit of left-field fun and happiness to everyone.


is one quarter of Soapsud City, west London's latest electronica label. His first label was Hydrophonic recordings, a well received banging techno label back in 2003. Then he was known as Shaolin. After four releases on his own imprint and three on Primate Recordings, Shaolin grew disillusioned by the scene and went back to the studio.

He returns as Ketsa, bringing originality and emotion back into electronica and downtempo music - layered ambiences blend with clattering beats, live instruments and percussion.

Having completed three albums already, Thoughts, End Daze, and the Remixes and Reedits sessions, Ketsa has also appeared on Stuttgart based Mutan Records.

kevin Buckland

I'm a freelance/solo bassist currently studying for a music degree at music college in London. My musical influences include Brian Eno, Thomas Koner, William Basinski, Phillip Glass, Steve Reich, and Steve Lawson.

I intend my music to draw the listener in, and for the listener to become - for a brief moment in time - part of the music.

My music is mixed so that some tracks are sometimes barely audible, so listening through a good pair of headphones is highly recommended.

My compositional work generally falls within the genres of instrumental experimental, electroacoustic or ambient. It is created solely with the use of electric six string fretted and fretless basses, an eBow electronic bowing device, and a multitude of effects processors, including reverbs, delays, modulation, pitch shifting and distortion. I also add noise and ambient sounds to the recordings, these are usually altered with the use of further reverb, delay, modulation and bitcrusher effects to create otherworldly sonic backdrops to my music.

Although I can play both keyboards and piano, six string bass guitar is my regular instrument, and is the one that I play most proficiently, the instrument that I am able to be the most expressive on.

None of my music is composed with an idea in mind of how it should or would sound when finished. It starts and evolves, my music composition is a gradual and constantly developing process. I like the indeterminacy of this type of music, not knowing where it will take you, and what will happen next. I spend an extremely large amount of time in the subsequent arrangement, editing, mixing and production of the compositions. One of the advantages of digital recording is that the arrangements are free to evolve and constantly develop, I can build the track, adding new layers and colours, experimenting with different effects, sounds and textures until the piece is complete.

The resultant music, is created with often a simple yet elegant harmony, but with deep and rich textures and contrasts.



are duo who have been creating music for about 3 years now, on and off, in between work and every day commitments

In their words - "Basically, we are two guys who just want to take an occassional break from the mundane routine and create somthing really different, not following any strict musical guidelines and have a laugh in the process."

Korine Conception

Wonderful shoegaze influenced music from Indonesia.



is a collaboration between Graham Marlowe and Dylan Huntress (of Gnarface Productions).


Ligea is a music project of Oleg Marchenko, a electronic music producer from Kiev, Ukraine.

He also makes music as Organoid.

Lindenberg Munroe




is the music of visual artist Taren McCallan-Moore (to see his art, click the link to his blog below).

To describe his music is just about an impossible task as you just don't know what you are going to hear next - sound collages, distorted electronics or pretty much deranged ramblings - but this music is just about the most entertaining thing you'll find on BFW recordings.

That is, of course, just my opinion. Listen and make up your own mind!

Maybe Starry Skies

"After many years playing punk-rock in several bands, I recently started a new musical project based on instrumental pieces of music, inspired by post-rock, movies, and emotional atmospheres. Maybe Starry Skies could be defined as music to listen on the road, when the night has fallen, travelling to unknown cities.
For now I am working on my music alone, but I'm always looking for collaborations and contributions to build and make Maybe Starry Skies' universe evolve."


is Istanbul-based musician Cihan Gülbudak, who creates haunting, beautiful music playing the theremin, an extraordinary instrument that can be heard on many a horror film and is played by moving your hands near the instrument but not touching it!


is Björn Asserhed from Sweden

He has been making electronic music for many years and is part of the Linköping based music collective 'Dogma Noveau' and has done a couple of net releases, collaborative projects, some remixes and live performances the last years.

Meteer is attracted to textured soundscapes, minimalism and evolving rhythms.

Michael Cowhey

Michael Neumeyer

is a percussionist, teacher and composer from Milwaukee.

Mikk Rebane

My Own True Desire

Oliver Philpott



is an infamous and superb DJ and producer from Manchester, UK.


is project of musician Oleg Marchenko from Kiev, Ukraine, formed in late 2010.

Long-standing fascination with electronic music's culture in all its forms has resulted in creative substance at the junction of IDM, ambient, electronic and experimental music, with a constant melodic foundation. The author draws his inspiration from various musical genres, passing them through the prism of he own worldview, creating atmospheric and unusual music.

Paper-clip Mammal

is a collaboration between Anthing and Chris Fordham.

Chris supplies the lyrics and vocals while Anthing supplies the music.

Phillip Wilkerson

began creating ambient music in 2005, after many years of experimenting with various types of synthesizers, sound modules, guitars, and then: virtual instruments.
His work ranges from warm, peaceful ambience to the more abstract and experimental forms of electronic music. He uses a variety of tools to create his music: Access synths, guitars, generative software, and field recordings.

Phillip also makes music under the name Janes scenic drive.



Progressive house/electronica/ambient producer from Poland.


is the eclectic experimental music of Bernd Jungwirth.

Poodleplay Arkestra

Poodleplay Arkestra creates warm experimental music influenced by Jon Hassell and Brian Eno but with a unique flavour.

Post Human Era

P.V. Herrera


is the atmospheric ambient project of Daniel Land.


is a young artist from Massachusetts, made up of Devin Powers. He started composing music when he was 13 and jumped around from genre and style until finding a liking in electronic and ambient music. There are many songs around the internet and two free self-releases, ranging from many types of music, under the SineRider moniker.

|sistra| / |систра|

is a indie-electronic rock band from Kabarovsk, Russian Federation

Spreading their music via the internet they gained some recognition among Russian independent music scene. Some singles are in rotation on several Russian radio stations across the country. Radio Maximum (Moscow) named |sistra| one of the best newcomers of Russian indie-music scene.


Ambient shoegaze electronic pop from Indonesia.

Solar Smoke

Sparkle Afternoon

is an Indonesian pop minimalist band (according to the band's own definition) with indiepop, post-rock, shoegaze and britpop elements.

The name is derived from the bright-bright afternoon in 19th December 2007.

The band consists of Ratih Kemala Dewi (vocals), Diki Setiadi (guitar), Wama Kurnia (bass), Yogie (guitar), Riska Rachmawati (keyboards) and Tedy Wijaya (drums). Original keyboardist Dina left in May 2007. The band is based in Bandung, Indonesia.

Spell 336

Spooky Child


Telegraph 909

is electronic world fusion music by Canadian Denis Desjardins.


The Ambient Visitor

is one ambient alter ego of BFW founder Bing Satellites.

Deep and mysterious longform ambient music.

The music is generative - each note is played in its own loop. The length of each loop is slightly different for each note, so patterns occur and the music never quite repeats itself.

The Crisis Project

The Danger Girl Starship

is the guitar music of P.V. Herrera

The Lovely Moon

is one ambient side project of BFW founder Bing Satellites.

While most of my music is quite chilled, I decided to create some music specifically for chilling out, relaxing or meditating.

The music is therefore relaxed but positive.

As with my other side project The Ambient Visitor, all of the music is generative - each note is played in a loop, the length of each loop is slightly different so as the music plays, patterns are created. In theory, each song could play for a very long time (we're talking many, many years) without exactly repeating.

The Maybes

are a two piece guitar based band from the South Side of Glasgow who write and record our own material.

geonoisefloor - Music and Vocals

Chelle Maybe - Vocals

The Silent Committee

is a side project of English musician Chris Fordham.

Слайды / The Slides

The band originates from Far Eastern Russia, but are presently based in Moscow.

Band members:
Egor Berdnikov – vocals, guitar
Aleksej Shorin – bass guitar
Konstantin Koritich - guitar
Vladimir Balovnev – drums

The Sunshine Factory

is a collaborative effort between a mystery lyricist and composer/performer Ian Taylor.

Ian is the musical force behind the shoegaze influenced, guitar drenched melodies accented and supported by samples honey sweet tone driven vocals and old school dance beats.

The band hales from the heart of Dixie, where the bluesiest blues were born. The real mystery is not why but how this music came from this place.

The Telegraph Reverb

Lush, ambient shoegaze from Bandung, Indonesia.

Vapor Lanes

is the solo project of A. Karuna, hailing from the midwestern US.

He's been all over the map in the past few years, from playing shows with Aloha and Holy Fuck in a post-rock band to appearing on a locked-groove 7" alongside Nurse With Wound.

As Vapor Lanes, he wrenches emotion from analog synths and laptops, creating a haze of blissful noise, wavering drones, ghost rhythms & warped pop.


Voda-i-Ryba (Fish and Water) was founded in the city of Krasnodar (The South of Russia). In 2011 Voda-i-Ryba recorded two EPs – Warsaw and Better Times. In 2013 band removed into the city of Saint-Petersburg.

Music of band is mix of dark indie rock and trip-rock with influences of other styles (like alt-country, avant-rock, psychedelic rock), gloomy guitar and taut female vocal. In heart of Voda-i-Ryba are lyrics poems of Russian poet Ivan Beletsky, translated into English.

When Tides Collide

This project was started many years ago by Carlos R. Andujar with the intention of creating music, sound, or noise for the sole purpose of sleep accompaniment. As time passed the elements coalesced and transformed into an amalgam wrought from various musical influences ranging from ambient moods, hints of folk, indie rock, and pop. When Tides Collide has materialized in a variety of fashions throughout the years and encourages the "collective" mentality, allowing whomever is interested in performing in the live setting to do so. The cast continues to revolve, and the music continues to flow.


Zanoides are: Perdido, Thomas and Zanardi.

Album In A Day

The Chain

The BFW Christmas Album

Seasonal collections of brand new festive music from around the world.

This project is open to anyone.

I Heard Something In The Distance -
BFW recordings sampler

Compilations featuring music from previous BFW releases plus occasional extra tracks from our friends.