Meteer - Three Word Seminary

Release date: 26 March 2012


Meteer - Three Word Seminary BFW recordings netlabel

Total running time: 44:57

The new experimental ambient album from Meteer.

This is another triumph! Meteer once again delivers an album of immense beauty.

A kind of slow and glitchy atmospheric ambience that is at once electronic and organic.

This kind of music could be cold but I always feel with Meteer's music that we are watching a story unfold around us.


  1. Rage Of Semimasters
  2. Phenomenographic Aluminum Scan
  3. Codex Tempera Magnificat
  4. Missfit Emboxed Science
  5. Seaside Polymer Betrayal
  6. Paranormal Temperature Gay


is Björn Asserhed from Sweden

He has been making electronic music for many years and is part of the Linköping based music collective 'Dogma Noveau' and has done a couple of net releases, collaborative projects, some remixes and live performances the last years.

Meteer is attracted to textured soundscapes, minimalism and evolving rhythms.