Maybe Starry Skies & False Awakening - Echo

Release date: 10 January 2011


Maybe Starry Skies & False Awakening - Echo - BFW recordings netlabel

Total running time: 22:28

echo is a split album between Maybe Starry Skies and False Awakening, who share the same love for instrumental acoustic music, as well as ambient post-rock and emotional atmospheres.


  1. Maybe Starry Skies - Iota
  2. False Awakening - Idem
  3. Maybe Starry Skies - Quasi
  4. False Awakening - Circa
  5. Maybe Starry Skies - Versus
  6. False Awakening - Lambda

Maybe Starry Skies

"After many years playing punk-rock in several bands, I recently started a new musical project based on instrumental pieces of music, inspired by post-rock, movies, and emotional atmospheres. Maybe Starry Skies could be defined as music to listen on the road, when the night has fallen, travelling to unknown cities.
For now I am working on my music alone, but I'm always looking for collaborations and contributions to build and make Maybe Starry Skies' universe evolve."

False Awakening

is Julian.

Inspired by many bands like Godspeed You Black Emperor, Mono, This Will Destroy You or Hammock, the pieces and arrangements floats between ambient, dynamic post-rock and experimental music.