MagicVan - A Vorkinzeebark

Release date: 24 August 2009


MagicVan - A Vorkinzeebark - BFW recordings netlabel

Total running time: 22:09

There is nothing quite like this...

From plaintive ambient to manic glitch and electronica to messages from outer space.

Get ready for the crazy world of MagicVan


  1. Little New
  2. A Vorkinzeebark
  3. Bloody Builders
  4. I Can Fly (When I Fall)
  5. The Night Of the Hounds
  6. Arranged


is the music of visual artist Taren McCallan-Moore (to see his art, click the link to his blog below).

To describe his music is just about an impossible task as you just don't know what you are going to hear next - sound collages, distorted electronics or pretty much deranged ramblings - but this music is just about the most entertaining thing you'll find on BFW recordings.

That is, of course, just my opinion. Listen and make up your own mind!