Lindenberg Munroe - Etudes For The Anima

Release date: 11 October 2010


Lindenberg Munroe - Etudes For The Anima - BFW recordings netlabel

Total running time: 28:34

A new experimental work from musician and composer Lindenberg Munroe.

This album comprises a selection of works done through many years since my time back in Brazil and my recent years here in England. Nonetheless, they are all linked by the same mood; reflective at times with darkness nearby. I am particularly interested in the amalgamation between peace and disturbance and that is why Studies for the Soul (Etudes for the Anima) tries to translate within the scope of sound those feelings.
- Lindenberg Munroe


  1. Prelude To Etude
  2. Blurring
  3. Small Ensemble For Small Things
  4. Aurora's March
  5. Canon for a Cyclic Mantra
  6. Mantra à Sandra
  7. Pestilência

Lindenberg Munroe