Graham Marlowe & Michael Neumeyer -
Corduroy Resignation

Release date: 4 July 2011


Graham Marlowe and Michael Neumeyer - Corduroy Resignation BFW recordings netlabel

Total running time: 34:07

An album of poems spoken by Graham Marlowe with music performed on vibraphone by Michael Neumeyer.

In their own words:

"Though some of you may not be familiar with my work (yet), you may recognize some names in the liner notes -- Steve Peplin (guitar) and Steve Gallam (soprano sax) specifically. This album is largely a poetry/vibes "duet" record, but with a tremendous amount of coloring from Peplin, Gallam, and a set of chimes made from discarded keys.

Corduroy Resignation is about letting things go. It's about recognizing that you have nothing left to do but press on with your life as if nothing were wrong. It's not illusory; it's liberating, actually. And that kind of liberation is something I want to share with others.

My mentor once joked that if it were 1975, I'd be rich and famous. However, "that was another time..." he said with slight resignation. The longing in his face explains what is needed to give this record its future home(s): your help.

The connection between Mike and I (captured on this recording) is just as mysterious as the genre it operates within -- something of a lost relic. But to be pessimistic about popular culture (and mainstream tastes) would essentially be defeatist, and work against the inspiration that drives this material. After all, this project is more or less the next chapter of my first poetry book, Into Light, released in August 2008.

We took our lives as far as we could to get this out into the world, but until we gather enough support to release it physically, the record cannot reach the right people. Beauty comes at the strangest of times, and this album makes it all too familiar again."


  1. Corduroy Resignation**
  2. '68 Ford Galaxy
  3. I Disagree
  4. The Distance
  5. Fill The Hands
  6. Second-Hand Melancholy*
  7. There Was A Heat
  8. Nineteen Eighty-One
  9. I'll Take Your Word For It**
  10. They Gather Around Midnight**
  11. I'm Feelin' Black On This Eastbound**
  12. Jazz In The Ear**
  13. Lake Waves**
  14. So Much To Say***

*Steve Gallam, soprano sax

**Steve Peplin, guitar

***Graham Marlowe, piano

+All selections feature Michael Neumeyer on vibraphone+

*Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Mike Hoffmann at THE HOUSE Studio (Milwaukee, WI)

Graham Marlowe

is a 26-year-old writer, musician, and composer. He currently resides in Madison, WI, doing some noble nonprofit work as he continues his artistic journey forward. He has published poetry, done film scores, played in a slew of rock & jazz bands, and will continue to create in a variety of genres. His work can be streamed or downloaded from bandcamp and bfw recordings, viewed on YouTube, or purchased through Graham directly.

Michael Neumeyer

is a percussionist, teacher and composer from Milwaukee.