Ghostkid - Things That Go Dub In The Night

Release date: 18 July 2011


Ghostkid - Things That Go Dub In The Night - BFW recordings netlabel

Total running time: 21:32

Ghostkid returns to BFW with an EP of funky electronica.

From the sci-fi intro to funky grooves and grainy electronics.


  1. Welcome, Friends (Intro)
  2. Body Snatchers
  3. Monster Maker Dub
  4. Zoned Out In The Martian Lab
  5. Technodrome
  6. The Mystery's In The Control Room
  7. Raygun


is Donny Jankowski, a Milwaukee-based producer and musician.

First influenced by psychedelic and blues guitar, Donny cut his early instrumentals on an old two-track cassette recorder he found in his parents' basement.

Progressing as a musician, it wasn't long before he began migrating towards electronic music production. Pulling influences from lo-fi, IDM, dub, and psychedelia, Ghostkid currently loves balancing an organic and melodic feel over a crunchy, beat-heavy backdrop and spacious atmosphere.

Ghostkid albums never sound completely alike, but multi-layered sound and a bit of sci-fi always hold his style together.

(Spooky Child is just one of many side projects).