Elypixa - Deaf3Ants

Release date: 13 December 2010


Elypixa - Deaf3Ants - BFW recordings netlabel

Total running time: 26:30

Here is the new experimental project from Elypixa.

It would be too pretentious to compare himself to Beethoven, but he has inspired Elypixa.
Beethoven continued to write, compose music after becoming deaf.
That's where Elypixa had an idea - compose an album without listening to what he does, just taking into account the knowledge of its design software.

Elypixa randomly selected sounds and synthesizers...
He composed as usual...
He finally listened and selected the most representative of Elypixa.

About the last three tracks on the album:
Elpixa did not listen to these. They are for the listener to discover.
When Claude Monet lost his sight, he continued to paint. In a letter to his friend he acknowledged that he was –
Trusting solely to the labels on the tubes of paint and to the force of habit, to paint.


  1. Why not
  2. How do you say
  3. 5J287
  4. 103
  5. Gin
  6. Telegram
  7. Ocena015
  8. Confused
  9. Losing My Remote Control
  10. Synapse
  11. Spun Sugar


Elypixa is a self-taught composer of electronic music, he has very distant English origins...

He lives in France and has been composing since 2000. He does not know music theory, he knows very little in music itself!

His favorite sentence is :
Any wrong note played is an awkward false note. Any wrong note played with conviction is a ... Improvisation.

Since he started in music, he keeps discovering new things, experimenting - he breaks down the sounds, disequations. For him, there is not barrier sound in his music, a sense memory, at the same level as tastes, smells. He does not seek to target a category of person with his music, he does not want to store in boxes.