Demo Policy and About BFW

Demo Policy

We are currently accepting demos.
Before sending your demo to us, please read the following...

To send us your demo, please send 2 or 3 finshed tracks to
We recommend using for sending large files, although you can use something else as long as it is not spammy.
Please include some information about the artist including a link to a website if you have one and make it clear you are interested in releasing your music on BFW recordings.
If you email us just a link to your Soundcloud page without sending any music, we will not listen.
Likewise, if you send a blanket email to several netlabels at once without taking the time to contact us separately, we will not listen and it is likely most other labels won't either.
We release a wide range of music but please check listen to a selection before sending us your music.

We are sent a lot of demos. If we like what we hear, we will contact you.
If you don't hear back from us, it means it wasn't for us but you should try a selection of labels - if your music is good, it's likely you'll find a home for it. You probably won't hear from us if we aren't going to release your music. Most netlabels are run by one or two people with only a small amount of time to devote to running the label - BFW recordings is no exception.

While that all sounds a bit grumpy, it saves everyone time and effort in the long run.

And if, after all that, you still want to send us your music, we look forward to hearing from you - getting a email with a wonderful unheard demo is one of the best things there is!

A note for artists who wish to send demos in the future or have already released music through BFW.

Although we release music for free, if you wish to release the same music through bandcamp as a name-your-price download, you can and we will include a link on the release page.

However, your name-your-price download must have no minimum so that people can download for free if they wish.

Also, if your album is available on CD, cassette or vinyl, we are happy to include a link to that.

A track from every BFW release will be included on a volume of our compilation series I Heard Something In The Distance. Tracks may be edited for this release.

Like everything released by BFW, our compilation albums are available to download for free. These same compilations are usually available as name-your-price downloads with no minimum from, so they can be downloaded for free or you can pay something towards our running costs.

Contacting BFW recordings

If you would like to contact us, our email address is

About BFW

BFW recordings is an independent internet music label.

We aim to share some of the best music - ambient, shoegaze, indie, experimental, electronica - from around the world with you for free!

We release all our music for free under a Creative Commons license

We're not about making money, we're about sharing great, original music, giving creative control back to musicians and giving the listener the chance to download and listen to music for free.

BFW recordings was originally set up to release the music of Bing Satellites for free in a setting free of gaudy advertising.

I quickly realised that I could release music from other artists on the same platform and asked a few musician friends if they would be interested. The response from these artists was good, as was the almost immediate response from listeners, bloggers and DJs who downloaded the music and shared it a lot!

We set our intentions very early with the inclusion of five music genres in our title - with ambient, shoegaze, indie, experimental, electronica we stated we liked a wide range of music and would release prety musch anything that was good and honest.

This meant we attracted attention and demo submissions from a wide range of musicians around the world. This has now got to a point where we get far more music sent to us than we could ever hope to release!

BFW recordings is here share great music with you for free.
We don't do this to make money (and we don't!) but we do have running costs, so if you're feeling generous, feel free to donate by clicking the button below.
Thank you