News and New Releases

Phomorian - Desensitization Reassociation

The debut on BFW from Spanish musician Mangu Díaz.

A collection of five tracks that mix ambient, IDM, glitch and experimental ideas.

This is an impressive and energetic debut. We look forward to hearing more.

Turn it up and listen!

Release date: 28 February 2015

kevin Buckland - The Keeper of Lost Souls

The full length debut on BFW from kevin Buckland (he has appeared on Album In A Day).

This is a very quiet album of peaceful and reflective music.

There will be more music from kevin soon.

Release date: 14 February 2015

Eko_Fisk - Last Night I Dreamt I Was In Van Halen Again

Releases from Eko_Fisk are always a joy!

This EP is three songs of warm ambience, crisp and chilled.

Release date: 31 January 2015

eisenlager - Himmelholzsteg 1

We welcome in 2015 with some dark experimental electronic music from eisenlager, with collaborations from Philippe Gerber-John316, Wings of an Angel, Kostas Staikos-Substak, Hell Seb, Silentport, Falko Köhler, Gisela Köhler, Øystein Jørgensen, zentralgestirn, schwarzraum, Harald Bertram, Cousin Silas, im wesen, midnightradio11, Walter Fini-Desh Alb Project, Colin Blake-Playman54.

The music of eisenlager is subject to no form and no rule established by me. It happens in the moment that it happens. It is not being formed in my head in advance. It is formed during creation. Midnightradio 11 and eisenlager are the two projects I have been pursuing since the year 2000. The sounds that evolve during creation reflect my humor, my fear, my life, my experiences and current events. I do not fit in any category but if I had to I would describe myself as an electric krautrocker. It makes me happy when people go on a journey with my music, when they tell me what they felt, what they remembered. When that happens I have reached my goal.

Release date: 24 January 2015

Album In A Day volume 9 - 6 September 2014

Out now!

On Saturday 6th September 2014, musicians from around the world each wrote and recorded a complete new song, from scratch in one day.

The next day, these songs were collected and put together as an album.

The day after that, the album was released as a free download under a Creative Commons licence!

These albums are always a lot of fun. We never know what we are going to get but having so little time seems to energize musicians into creating something that some would normally work on for weeks.

The result is a wonderful mix of a whole range of music from musicians around the world, all completely written, performed and recorded on Saturday 6th September 2014.

A massive thank you to all the musicians who took part.

Enjoy the album - and please share!

Release date: 8 September 2014